Why is the construction dumpster on a bridge in Wales so big?

A huge construction dumper has been erected on the edge of Wales to ease the traffic jams that have plagued parts of the country.

The giant structure is set to open in 2019, and has been constructed using recycled materials from a nearby landfill.

The dumpster has been used to help haul waste from a construction site.

The dumpster is being used to haul waste after the massive new bridge over the Forth estuary has been built.

It has been a difficult journey to build the massive structure, which has been the site of numerous protests by local residents in recent years.

The project, which was announced in January, has been in the works for years.

However, the £60 million project has been plagued by delays, as a number of major problems have arisen in recent months.

The £60m Forth Bridge project is set for completion in 2019The project is currently in its early stages but it is hoped that the huge dumpster will be able to provide more relief to motorists in the coming years.

This massive dumpster was erected by the Welsh Government in the wake of the Forth Bridge protests