What are you waiting for? The $1 billion Benchmark Construction dumpster is here

The Benchmark construction dumpster, which will serve the South Dakota Department of Environmental Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will be located at the south end of the Dakota River in the town of Bonneville, according to a release.

The facility is expected to cost about $1.5 billion.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was chosen because it is close to the river, said Chad Tarkum, the chief executive of the company that owns the property, The Hill Company.

The company also owns the nearby Bonneval Lake, which is home to the largest pond in the world, according the company.

The project has been in the works for about a year, according a release from the U, D.C., Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Interior.

It is expected that construction will start in late summer or early fall and that the facility will be operational by spring 2020, according Tarkom.

The dumpster will serve as a dumping ground for wastewater from the Bonne Valley and a storage facility for waste from the local recycling and agricultural businesses.

In a video from the company, the company’s founder and chief executive, Chris Karpinski, shows a construction worker standing in the water with a large plastic bin filled with cement and a pipe on the other side.

“We’ve got it ready,” he says, with the construction worker taking a step back in anticipation of the dumpster’s arrival.

He then says that the construction crew will be moving in the next two weeks and the dump will begin operations on March 31.

The construction dump is expected be the largest construction project to occur in the United States since the construction of the Mississippi River Delta Bridge in 2008.

The facility is not expected to require the use of the dredging of any waterways, but it will require dredging around the perimeter of the pond, Tarkoma said.

It is estimated that the dump could cost $6 million per day.

Construction is expected on the dump site from late spring to early summer, according an announcement from the Office of Assistant Secretary for Land and Water Resources.

Construction will be carried out by a consortium led by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which will be responsible for the project, according API.

The consortium will also have the right to lease the land and the site.

The project is the result of a partnership between API and the D.R.T. District Office, according Karpinksi.

The district will pay a portion of the project cost to the API consortium, he said.

During construction, the dump’s primary purpose will be to remove waste, which has been identified as an environmental and social problem.

To accomplish this goal, the District is proposing a project plan that includes a series of actions, including building a new landfill, establishing a permanent waste collection system and improving the wastewater management and distribution system.

The plan also includes plans to reduce stormwater runoff and to reduce pollution from the construction site.

At the site, API is also constructing a permanent dumpster and water tank, according Toews, who is also the mayor of the community.

Toews said that the area surrounding the dump was chosen to minimize runoff because it sits along the river and is a natural sink for sediment and other pollutants.

Tarkom said that when the dump is completed, the area will be a significant buffer against future storms.

“We want to make sure that we don’t have any future flooding,” Tarkomo said.

“We want that to be a natural, natural buffer that we have around the dump.”

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