How to prepare for the construction industry

NEW YORK — With construction season heating up, here are a few tips for preparing for a career in construction.


Do your research.

If you’re looking for a job in construction, it’s probably best to hire a recruiter first.

This can be a difficult and expensive process that can take months to complete.

So if you want to get your feet wet, it might be best to contact your recruiter for advice.


Pick a project.

You can also hire a contractor, who will work directly with your company.

This is usually the right choice, but you’ll need to make some extra adjustments.

If your project involves the construction of a home, for example, you might need to add an extra floor or two.


Do a background check.

Most construction companies require a background search before hiring.

This includes criminal background checks, drug testing, mental health screenings and more.

If all of these steps aren’t enough, check out the list of occupations that require a construction background check here.


Find out if there’s a recruitable candidate.

If the company you’re considering has a history of hiring construction workers, it will be a good idea to reach out to them to get an idea of what the company wants in terms of the kind of person they want to work with.

If they’re hiring for a full-time job, it may be worth asking about their experience working in the construction field.


Get on the phone with your recruite.

This will also help you get to know the company better, and if it has an offer to offer.


Be aware of the company’s benefits.

The company may offer a salary or benefits package that you may want to check out.


Make a list of all of your skills.

It may help to have a list that you can refer to if you need to change jobs or if you’re interested in becoming a contractor.


Talk to the manager.

You may want a construction manager to be part of your team.

If a construction company offers a job, make sure they are happy with it, and they’re happy to help you if necessary.


Take time to get to knows the workers and their families.

Make sure they’re well-versed in their job.


Make an appointment.

You might want to call the recruiter to get more information about the job and what to expect.

The recruiter will need to know your name, address, phone number and email address.

Ask them about your training, experience and other information.


Make your appointment.

Make the appointment before you go to work, and you’ll likely be asked to wear an on-site security vest or an eye patch at the site.

Make arrangements to make your appointment with the construction company on site and check in with them about what they need you to do.

If everything is working out, your recruitor will send you an email, which you can reply to to let them know you’re ready to get started.

Make that appointment as soon as possible, and don’t forget to ask them for an additional $150 to cover your time.

How to Become a Construction Contractor — From The Inside out (CNN) The video above is an in-depth look at how to become a construction contractor.

This article is written for those who are already in the labor force, or have a high school diploma or GED, and looking to get into the construction business.

It covers the basics of working in construction as well as the requirements for being hired into a construction position.

It also outlines the steps you should take to find the right contractors and a few of the jobs that might be the perfect fit for you.