How to build a commercial building without a concrete foundation

The U.S. Department of Labor and the Pennsylvania Department of Construction and Inspections have released guidelines for construction of commercial structures without concrete foundations.

The guidelines include the following points:1.

A structure must be built without a foundation.2.

All exterior walls, ceilings, floors, and exterior partitions must be constructed of materials that can be easily removed and replaced.3.

The exterior walls must be easily removable, replaced, or modified to provide for a functional, habitable interior.4.

Materials must be readily removable and readily replaceable.5.

The building must have an enclosed, air-conditioned interior, and no additional ventilation must be required for this interior.6.

All floors must be installed in accordance with the standards for fire-resistant floors, including a minimum of two-inch vertical and four-inch horizontal fire-retardant panels on all floors.7.

Structural components must be made of noncombustible materials.8.

All external doors must be securely fastened to a wall.9.

All interior doors must have doors that can easily be opened and closed.10.

All doors must contain a minimum barrier of at least four inches and a maximum of four inches.11.

Doors must be designed and installed in a manner that prevents the door from becoming jammed, jammed, or otherwise inoperative during a fire.12.

The doors must not have a tendency to open or close at any time during a blaze, including by an unauthorized person, fire, or emergency.13.

All open or closed doorways must be unobstructed.14.

All windows must have a minimum height of four feet.15.

All openings must be accessible from the outside.16.

The interior of the structure must not be so cramped that it is uncomfortable to use a wheelchair or other mobility device.17.

Structures must not interfere with the use of a wheelchair.18.

Structure openings must have openings that are not blocked or obscured by any other structure.19.

Structured openings must not require a separate entryway, driveway, or driveway entrance.20.

Structurally sound exterior walls and exterior partition walls must not collapse and cause injury to anyone.21.

Structurals that are constructed in accordance of the U.