Balfour Beatty’s ‘House of Commons’ building was designed by architect Andrew Balfours

A BalfOUR Beatty design has been revealed, the first of its kind in England, which is being built in Manchester as part of a £500 million scheme to replace the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Buildings.

The house, which the architect claims will be “the most expensive building in the world”, is to be built on the former site of the Old Bailey, the old courthouse in central Manchester, with plans to convert it into a “cultural hub” with a “world class shopping and dining precinct” and a “premium dining and entertainment precinct”.

“This is a massive investment for Manchester and a great example of how we can work together to transform Manchester and the UK,” said Balfont Beatty.

The building, which will have five stories, will be designed by Andrew Baldons, with the architect taking over the design for the scheme from the current owners, the Lord Mayor of Manchester, David Anderson.

The design will be carried out by a company called Gensler and the architect will also take on the design from Balford Beatty, the company behind the Manchester City Stadium, which was bought by Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in 2012 for £2.2 billion.

“The building is a world class building that will redefine what the City of Manchester is,” said Mr Anderson.

“I can’t wait to get started on this amazing project.”

The Lord Mayor said that the “world’s largest building” would be built in the “city’s centre”, a reference to the city’s location on the Thames, as well as the Manchester Airport, the City Hall, the Parliament Buildings and the City Centre.

“This £500m project is a major catalyst for Manchester’s economic rebirth, and it will provide a major boost to the local economy,” he said.

“It will create thousands of new jobs, attract new investment, and deliver a spectacular new building, creating a world-class cultural hub in Manchester.”

The architect, who also designed the City Gardens at St James’s Park, also stated that the building will be built to be a “community hub”, a concept he has previously described as “the building of a city”.

“I know the design of the House of Commons is a landmark in the country, and its design and scale have already inspired other projects across the world,” said the Lord Chancellor.

“But the City will be proud to have built the world’s most expensive and ambitious building for the City to use as a community hub, as it has done at the City Stadium.”