Why you should care about construction workers clipart

This is a clipart work by Taylor Construction.

It was created in conjunction with the Texas A&M University Alumni Association to honor the life and career of construction worker Clay Taylor.

“In the midst of the construction of Taylor’s iconic ‘Tallahassee’, Clay Taylor was able to be part of the first-ever Texas A & M University Alum.

He had worked as a construction contractor for the company for 18 years and was recognized as one of the most respected workers in the industry,” said Sarah Richey, Director of Collections and Digital Media.

Taylor Construction’s site of the historic building in the heart of Tallahasse, Florida is in the midst and now a museum.

The original plan was to have a replica of the building erected at the university, but Taylor Construction decided to donate the space to the Tallahasean Foundation.

Taylor construction was also a major contributor to the University’s construction fund and a key contributor to its fundraising efforts, the foundation said in a statement.

“It’s an honor to have Taylor Construction join the University in its effort to honor Clay Taylor and the work he did,” said Dr. David Sturgess, Executive Director of the Tallamasean foundation.

Taylor built his namesake office in the 1920s at the same time he was helping build the Georgia Tech campus, the university said.