What to know about construction loans from the Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) will provide $20 million to help Native American communities build homes, businesses and schools, according to the agency’s budget.

Bureau of Indian Services Director Dave Johnson said the money is intended to help “create jobs, spur economic development, and foster economic diversification and growth.”

The BIA will provide the money to tribal communities across four states: Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah.

The money comes from a $1.8 billion federal loan program to tribal governments.

The loan program was established in 2015 to provide loans for home construction.

Bids for tribal homes were approved in 2017 and 2018.

The program is not available to other tribes.

The Bureau of Public Affairs said the $20.2 million will go to building tribal housing in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and California.

It will be used to build housing for about 2,400 people in five communities.

The funding is part of an overall $10.5 billion federal housing assistance package for tribal communities that the BIA is supporting with its Housing Finance for Indian Housing (HFHI) program.

The HFHI program was created to help help Native Americans build and maintain homes.

It is a federally funded loan program that has helped tribes build nearly 300,000 homes.

In 2018, the federal government gave $2.8 million to Tribal Housing Partnerships (THP), an organization that helps tribal governments build housing and other infrastructure for low-income and low-wage workers.

The money will also be used for projects in Nevada, Montana, Wyoming or Utah.

Johnson said the goal of the HFHI is to “help tribes create the right kinds of housing for their people.”

The money will be administered through the Bureau’s Community Development Block Grant program.

The grants are available to low- and moderate-income groups.

Johnson also said that funding will be provided to tribes to purchase and maintain tribal land.

“We’re also providing this funding to support tribal leaders who are making sure that their people get access to land, that they get jobs, that their businesses get access, and that they have the right types of housing,” Johnson said.

The $20,000 will go toward buying and maintaining tribal land, including water and sewer services.

The BIS said the tribal housing program has been in place since the mid-1970s and was “in place long before that, in the mid-’80s.”

The agency is currently seeking $2 million for the HFHIA.

The funds are part of the $11.6 billion Housing Assistance Package that includes $3.9 billion in federal housing aid to tribal groups.

The housing assistance program is also known as the Tribal Housing Block Grant Program.

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