How do I know if a building is being constructed in China?

A new study shows that China is building more and more of its own housing construction equipment and products.

 The new study, by the China Institute of Engineering and Technology (CIT), shows that the country is using an average of about 500 million construction vehicles and equipment per year in its construction process.

“This indicates that China’s construction sector is continuing to grow, which is likely due to the government’s emphasis on more efficient and environmentally sustainable use of its land,” the study said.

The new CIT study shows the country has the world’s largest construction industry and employs over 40 million people.

It found China has invested nearly $2.3 trillion into its construction industry, and that the government has invested $5.3 billion in its projects.

CIT said it hopes to further research this information.

The government has also taken steps to improve the safety of construction equipment.

In May, a crane fell off a construction site near the city of Hangzhou, China, killing at least two people.

The crane fell on a section of the roof of a building near Hangzhou that was being constructed.

A Chinese construction worker is pictured during a ceremony marking the first day of construction for the Shanghai World Expo on September 6, 2019.

(Photo by Xinhua/China News Agency via Getty Images) Cit said it will publish its study next month.