Why this city has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation

Washington’s unemployment rate was 6.4 percent last year, down from 7.1 percent in 2015.

But in a country where millions of people have given up hope of a better future, the figure still remains very high, said Mark Luschini, director of the Urban Institute’s Center for Urban Economics.

And while it’s far from the highest number in the country, it is significantly lower than the rate in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Seattle, Lusini said.

The number of people without jobs has declined by over 40 percent over the past two years, from nearly 1 million in 2014 to 1.4 million last year.

Lusinelli said that’s largely because the economy has been in a long downturn.

But the unemployment rate is only a small part of the picture.

For instance, the unemployment figure is only one component of a much broader picture of how people in the U.S. are doing financially.

According to the Labor Department, Americans have lost a total of $5.2 trillion in wealth since 2008.

That’s more than a third of the economy’s entire growth in the last decade.

It’s also one of the highest rates of wealth loss among rich countries.

Here’s a look at how the unemployment and wealth numbers compare across the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

How much is the unemployment situation?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in November that the national unemployment rate remained below 6 percent, with a growing number of Americans finding jobs.

The unemployment rate for the District, meanwhile, was at 5.9 percent, which was the lowest in the union, according to the Census Bureau.

The unemployment rate can be a bit misleading, especially if you look at people who have stopped looking for work in recent months.

The BLS counts people who reported a job loss in the past six months, meaning the number of unemployed people in a given month.

For example, if you count people who were unemployed for three months, the total number of jobless workers is up a bit.

For the month of April, for example, 1.2 million people were unemployed, the highest since March.

And there are some exceptions to that, said John Taylor, an economics professor at the University of Texas-Austin who studies the causes of unemployment.

The unemployed are people who lost their job because of bad weather, or they were laid off or were fired because of some other reason, Taylor said.

If someone gets a layoff and gets a job in the next few months, it could be because they had a good layoff, or because they were looking for a good job.

If they were fired, they would have a much lower unemployment rate than people who had laid off in the first place.

Where is the poverty rate?

The poverty rate is an economic indicator that shows how poor people are in a state, city or county.

The poverty rate, as it’s called, is a measure of the number and quality of a person’s household income.

Is there a national poverty rate that includes Washington?

Yes, there is a national, statewide poverty rate for families.

The rate is the sum of a family’s disposable income divided by the size of the family.

For families with two adults, the rate is about $21,000, for families with three or more, it’s about $38,000.

So a family of four in Washington would make $38 a month if it had two adults and $21 a month, said Matt Pincus, who studies poverty at Washington State University’s School of Public Policy.

Pincuses research shows that the poverty rates for states and localities vary widely.

Some states have very low poverty rates, he said.

Some, like Oregon, have the highest poverty rates.

The highest poverty rate in Washington, he noted, is in the suburbs, where about 13 percent of households have incomes below the poverty line.

Which states have the lowest poverty rates?

Poverty is one of many indicators used to gauge the health of a nation’s economy, which is a critical factor for economic growth.

It also reflects the state of the nation’s health, including health-related issues like infant mortality and childhood mortality.

But when it comes to poverty, there’s no single indicator that can tell the whole story, said David Autor, the director of Georgetown University’s Program on Poverty.

It can’t be measured by a single measure.

And in fact, there are other ways to measure poverty, like the poverty index, which compares how much a household makes in a month to how much it would need to make to make ends meet, he added.

Are there more children living in poverty than adults?

There are more children in poverty in the United States than adults, according the Census.

But according to a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute, the number is lower than it was in the 1990s and is falling.

The group analyzed data from

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