Why are building contractors reluctant to do the construction?

The Construction Industry India (CII) on Tuesday said that the construction industry in the country is facing many challenges, but there is no shortage of potential for the industry.

The group said that there are over 1.25 lakh building contractors in the entire country, but only around 4,000 of them have registered to work.

It said that in 2017-18, there were nearly 10 lakh new contractors joining the industry, with the number expected to rise to about 15 lakh by 2022.

According to CII, the industry has seen a huge increase in the number of workers employed in construction since the introduction of the Industrial Disputes Settlement (IDS) Act in 2019.

This Act mandates that companies, contractors and their employees must first submit an application for employment in the state of a construction company or construction office trailer.

If a contractor does not have a valid registration certificate or the company has not applied for a valid certificate, then the worker has to go for a third-party inspection, said a statement from CII.

As a result of these stringent requirements, the number, number of employees, and the number working on projects, has increased significantly, the statement said.

“The number of construction employees in India has increased by over 500% in the last five years.

The number of active construction workers has increased from about 100,000 in 2010-11 to over 1,400,000 by 2017-19,” it added.

The CII has been working with several state governments to ensure that the requirements of the IDS Act are met.

It has also been working closely with construction firms and industry associations to improve working conditions.CII had earlier in 2017 said that over 30% of its members had been injured due to construction accidents.

The group had also highlighted the fact that many construction projects in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra were not completed, resulting in the loss of life and injuries.