When Volvo’s construction loan goes to US $3 billion

By Gregor Gee and Alastair GrantESPN Staff WriterThe Volvo project was expected to begin construction by 2019.

Now the company is about to get its first job on the job.

Volvo announced Tuesday that it has signed a $3.5 billion loan agreement with a private firm to help finance its construction project.

The loan is a significant win for Volvo, which has been looking for a way to finance its massive Volvo Cars Project.

Volvo will also have to pay $2 billion in back payments to the government for the project’s infrastructure.

The money will help the company continue to invest in its electric vehicles.

Volvo’s first job will be on the new Volvo Cars Plant in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Volvo said in a statement that it will work with a company called Lidl to complete the project.

The company said the loan will help Volvo meet the needs of its customers and employees.

Volkswagen will also get $2.2 billion for the plant.

The Volkswagen plant is expected to produce 1.4 million electric cars a year.

Volkswagen said that the project will create 50,000 jobs and will bring down its greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 million metric tons.

Volkswagen also announced a $1 billion incentive program for its electric cars.