What to know about construction at the White House and the Capitol building

The construction of the new White House, Capitol, Capitol Visitors Center and the National Mall has begun at the beginning of the week, as the president’s team prepares to start construction on the complex that includes the new headquarters and the new State Department building.

The construction has begun on the White and Capitol Streets, the White Palace and the State Department, as well as on the South Portico of the Capitol.

Construction is expected to continue through the weekend, and the site of the temporary residence for the president, the Rose Garden, will be open to the public on Monday.

Work is underway to remove debris and the construction of temporary fencing.

The first phases of the project will be completed by the end of the month, but the construction process has begun before the holidays.

The White House will be ready for inauguration ceremonies later this year.

The Capitol will be reopened by the start of next week.

The National Mall will be closed to visitors starting Tuesday.

The temporary residence will open to visitors on Monday, the Department of State said.

The building is expected open to public on Jan. 3.