How to create the perfect woman in construction

A construction company has been flooded with complaints over the treatment of women working on construction sites.

The Associated Press is reporting that one female worker at a construction site in southern China has been receiving an unusually high number of complaints from male construction workers.

The women’s complaints are coming in two waves.

In the first wave, a woman filed a complaint last month that she was not treated fairly when she was hired to work on a construction project near her home in Beijing.

That woman said she was asked to work around a woman’s shoulders while her husband was standing on a crane, a process that could have made her more vulnerable to falls.

The second wave of complaints was made on March 14, when a woman in her 20s was hired as a construction worker at the same construction site.

According to the complaint, she was paid $100,000 a year and received an average of six months of vacation a year.

The worker also received a salary of $1,500 a month, which she did not have to pay for the two months of sick leave she was entitled to.

The woman was hired because her parents owned a construction company, and she worked part time while in the country.

Her family did not want her to leave her home country, the complaint said.

A woman at a local construction site told the AP that when she complained to the company, the company told her that the pay was the company’s policy, and that she had to prove she was a woman.

The company was also asked to make sure the woman’s work was not in bad taste.

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