How to build your dream apartment in under 2 hours

by Dan Yates, the man behind, has been working in the real estate world for more than a decade.

His latest project is a building for the future of the luxury lifestyle, called the Mortenson Building, which will be located on a corner lot at 1265 South Grand Avenue.

“We’re trying to create a place that’s going to feel like a dream apartment,” Yates told Fortune.

“It’s a building that I think is going to be truly unique.

I think the architecture is going have a lot to do with that.”

For the project, Yates and his team have taken a very different approach to the building’s design.

The goal is to create something truly unique and original.

“We are going to do everything in the world we can to make it feel like you’re living in the future,” Yats said.

The building will be built from the ground up using the most advanced materials, including carbon fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced concrete.

Yates’ team also took the opportunity to rethink some of the building designs that were popular before the project.

For example, the main facade will feature a canopy that will open to reveal a series of windows that will allow the exterior of the project to be open up to the air.

The project will also include a series to house apartments, as well as apartments on top of the tower.

Yates said that he wants the building to be a destination that will attract a variety of people, with people from all walks of life and income levels.

“I think this is a very exciting project,” Yaps said.

“I think it’s going a long way to connecting the city with this place.”

As for the project’s location, the Mortensons plans are to be built on a two-story lot next to the site of the old Yates & Co. building.

The new building will house a variety, including apartments and condos.

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