Building high-end construction in the desert

By JAMES BONNINGAThe word ‘ultra-luxury’ has come to describe a certain kind of place.

But for many, the term is reserved for the most expensive homes in the world.

A new luxury housing development in Las Vegas is on the cusp of becoming the most luxurious house on earth.

The luxury house, which has been described as the world’s tallest residential tower, is set to be completed in 2019, and will be the largest single residential building ever constructed in the U.S. The project, dubbed The Sky Tower, will include 4,000 residential units, making it the world leader in the luxury building space.

The tower is being designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron, and is the first building in the United States to be constructed entirely with sustainable materials.

The new tower is a high-rise structure that will sit on the corner of the Las Vegas Strip and the Las Vez River, just over a mile from the famous strip.

The towers will feature a glass-walled building that will house 4,200 residential units and include a restaurant and lounge.

The Sky Towers will also include a rooftop swimming pool and spa.

“This is a spectacular and unique project, but it’s not the first in the country to be built with sustainable technology,” said Dan Teller, vice president of development at Herzog and de Meunóon.

“We wanted to do something a little bit different, but we also wanted to build something that would be a true global leader in luxury.”

The building will feature environmentally friendly materials and the construction of the tower will utilize a carbon-free structure.

“There is a very, very strong, sustainable energy picture that’s going on in the energy sector,” Teller said.

“If you are building a highrise with a lot of energy, it will have a very large footprint, because it’s going to be sitting on a lot more ground.”

The tower will be made of the most advanced carbon-neutral materials on the planet, with a thermal conductivity of 1,000 percent.

“In fact, it’s more like a hybrid system,” Tellers said.

The design includes carbon-reinforced plastic, which is able to withstand the rigors of high-altitude construction.

“It has the properties of an extremely durable material, which you can use in buildings that are not designed to withstand a lot,” he said.

Another key aspect of the new project is the use of sustainable materials, which are able to absorb CO2 emissions.

“The entire project is 100 percent sustainable, so that’s a big deal,” Telson said.

This project is expected to take up to 40 years to complete, and it will be built on the site of a former military base that has been converted into the headquarters for the Las Vegans, a local environmental organization.

The site of the former military facility is located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, which Teller says is the best place to build luxury homes in Las Venegas.

“A lot of our city is a little sleepy.

You’re just walking down the street and you see a lot less cars, so you get a little less traffic,” Tells said.

Herzog& de Meurons design team also worked on the project for the United Nations.

“They have this incredible, incredible vision and vision, but their plans are based on very specific assumptions,” Telling said.

That’s a very hard thing to accomplish in a city like Las Vegas where it’s very hard to get the people and the infrastructure in place for a project like this to happen.

The $1 billion project is also being built with the support of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

“Las Vegas is a wonderful, wonderful place,” Telser said.

But it’s also a place where it is hard to see the world as it is.

The Las Vegas skyline is the largest in the nation, and there is a large homeless population in the city.

That population, however, has long been considered a blight on the city, and many believe that the new development will make Las Vegas the largest city in the union to experience a homelessness crisis.

“I think people should feel a little safer around the homeless population,” Tesler said.

In order to help reduce the homeless problem, Teller and Herzog are planning to build housing on the new property.

“What I think is important to know is that homelessness is a huge, huge problem in the cities we live in,” Telle said.

He added that it’s something that the Las Venugas government is trying to address, as well.

“Our government is working hard, as they should, and they’re doing something very concrete, and I think it will help a lot.

There is a lot that the city of Las Venagas can do to help this issue,” Teler said, adding that the homeless situation is an issue that can’t be solved overnight. “That

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