A new road construction project will be coming to El Paso, but not in the right place.

The new road will be constructed along the southern border of El Paso and is being built by a company that operates a large oilfield service center in the San Juan Mountains.

The road is expected to bring in about $1 billion in revenue for the city and its county.

The new construction is being done in tandem with a project to rebuild the El Paso River, which will cost about $4 billion.

A new section of the river is expected in El Paso County and will begin flowing in 2018.

The El Paso City Council approved the new road project in April 2017.

The council also approved a $300 million bond for the new construction, but that was quickly vetoed by Gov.

Susana Martinez.

“We don’t have a choice in the matter.

We are in a budgetary crunch,” said Councilman Tom Rinaldi, who is the El Pueblo mayor.

“The only thing we can do is to be vigilant about what we spend and we can’t waste the taxpayer dollars,” he said.

“If the road doesn’t work, we will just do it ourselves,” he added.

The city’s first construction was done in February 2018.

Construction on the new highway will take about a year.

The $400 million road is scheduled to open in 2021.

El Paso has an estimated population of about 2.6 million.

The county is expected by 2019 to have about 1.2 million residents.

The town of El Pino, just north of the border, has an additional 1.6 people.

The state has about 5,600 employees in El Pinos local government.

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