A builder in Brisbane’s north wants to build his own trailer for Christmas – and it’s got a name: Construction Trailer Construction

Construction trailer construction management certificate is a new qualification for contractors to work on trailer construction projects in Queensland.

The State Government has confirmed it will require builders to take the certificate at a cost of $150 to $300 for a certificate of completion.

The building industry has seen a boom in the number of construction projects, with the average project size growing by about 60 per cent to more than 2,000 homes.

The Government has set the standard for the building industry to get the certificate, which is expected to be rolled out across the State this year.

Construction trailer construction is an entry-level construction qualification for small to medium-sized and medium to large commercial and industrial projects.

The Queensland Construction and General Contractors Association has already passed its certificate to an owner in Sydney.

“We have been talking about this for some time and the Queensland Government has really pushed the issue,” Construction Trailer Association Queensland spokesperson Chris Kipp said.

“The State is working very closely with the building sector to support a pathway to this qualification.”

The State Building Commission is considering a number of options, including requiring the builder to have a construction certification to work as a contractor, but Mr Kipp says there is a real risk that a small number of applicants will be unable to secure the certification.

“You would be surprised how many builders are being left out,” he said.

Mr Kipp is one of many people lobbying the Government for a move to a certification for contractors.

The Construction Trailer Certification Authority is currently reviewing the industry’s existing certificate requirements to see if there is any scope for changes.

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