The first home built by Tesla in UK will have ’boutique’ exterior design, but will still be ‘green’

An exterior design for a new house built by the US electric car maker will be more akin to that of a boutique than the typical suburban home, according to a new report.

The report, commissioned by the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government, found that the house would be more like a ‘bourbon house’ in which a ‘lawn garden, terraced garden and garden shed are typical features’.

It was described as a ‘green house’ by one of the designers, Nick Hall, and a ‘low-maintenance, low-cost house’ to the other, Paul Glynn.

According to the report, the house will be constructed in a low-mainland suburb of Wolverhampton, and will have a minimum of two bedrooms and four bathrooms.

A spokesman for the government said: ‘This report clearly outlines the challenges facing local communities in Britain and shows how Tesla can lead the way.’

We’re looking forward to seeing how this innovative approach will benefit people in the future.’

It is unclear whether the design will be approved by the local council, or whether the home will be built on public land.