A new construction home near Arco’s campus has been vandalized in Arizona

ARCO, CO — A new building in Arco, Colorado is being attacked by someone who is destroying the interior of the home.

NBC News reports that the home on the 2100 block of Arco was painted in a graffiti-covered color with a large red cross painted across it.

According to police, the vandalism has caused damage to the exterior of the building.

A construction worker told NBC News that they were walking by and noticed that someone had taken down the cross.

He said he noticed the graffiti on the walls, a large number of letters in red paint, and a black marker in the middle of the property that was visible from the street.

He was able to remove the graffiti, and said he believes the graffiti was put there to be seen.

The construction worker said the house is currently occupied by several people.

A spokesman for the city of Arcos, Colorado, told NBC affiliate KUSA that they are investigating the vandalism and will be taking legal action.

“It’s unfortunate that the graffiti has been left in this property, but our goal is to be a safe community for everyone and if we can prevent the graffiti from being done again, we will,” said Dan McQuaid, spokesman for Arco.

A building manager at Arco told KUSA, “It was really nice to be able to see the new building going in and to see a new house coming in.

The new construction was going to be here for a while.

It’s going to help us with the cost of the renovation.”

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