What you need to know about construction projects in the Philippines

Construction crews and contractors are busy renovating a hotel on the island of Leyte, Philippines, as part of a major reconstruction effort.

The construction project, which has already been dubbed the “Project Zero,” is part of the country’s “One Belt One Road” initiative.

A new highway was also added to the list of highways being built.

The construction of the hotel will take more than two years, the Associated Press reports.

The hotel is part the new, $6.2 billion “Leyte-Peregrine” project.

The project will help revitalize the city of Leytes and increase the island’s tourism industry, which is estimated to grow by nearly 20 percent.

The construction project began in July, and construction of a new highway is now underway.

It will connect the city with the city center, and will be used by the newly-opened port of Leyten.

A second highway, to be completed by 2020, will connect to the city’s second airport.

The two roads will connect with one another by rail, and the rest of the highway is expected to be finished in 2021.

The new highway will be a major hub for the tourism industry.

Workers are working around the clock, and they have been given the chance to work in a clean environment, said Luisa Tanda, a spokesperson for the Leyte-based International Council of Tourism.

The resort island is expected be transformed by the new highway, as well as the new airport, according to the AP.

This is a project that we all want to see in our countries, she said.

The government is working very hard on this project, she added.

Construction of the Hotel, which will be completed in 2020, is being led by the government and a consortium of hotels, resorts and hotels and hotels, according a statement from the International Council.

The project is part in the countrys “One China Policy” initiative, which aims to strengthen ties between China and its neighbors.

It was launched to help promote economic ties between the two countries.