Construction tool supplier says job cuts at head of its supply chain

Contractors are laying off more than a third of their workforce across the country, with the cuts being due to a shortage of labor and the need to upgrade equipment, according to a new report.

The construction industry employs more than 13 million people across the United States, according a report from the Association of Contractors of America.

In Texas, where the number of job cuts has reached more than 300,000, construction equipment and construction workers have taken over some of the state’s supply chain, according the report.

The job losses are due to the recent wave of tornadoes and tornadoes, which have caused millions of dollars in damage.

The Associated Press found that some companies are layingoff workers to avoid having to pay for their equipment.

For example, some workers were laid off in Arizona, which is also battling tornadoes.

Other workers are being laid off because the companies don’t have enough workers to complete the project, the AP reported.

The AP also reported that companies in Utah are laying people off because of the rising cost of their construction equipment.

The Association of Construction Contractors estimates that the total job loss from tornadoes will cost the industry $18.7 billion over the next 10 years.

The AP analyzed the cost of equipment and the total costs of construction, which includes labor and materials.

In some cases, the analysis included costs related to the construction of structures and equipment, such as the roof of a building or the construction equipment that is used for firefighting and flood control.

To help workers in the field, the Association has set up a fund to help them transition to new jobs, said Kevin Smith, the association’s chief executive officer.

The company also is offering job-training and job placement services to workers and is partnering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Associated Press reported.

The jobs are part of a broader recovery effort, the company said.

The industry has been hurt by the weather in recent years, Smith said, but the job losses have been especially severe since the start of the outbreak of the Zika virus in the United State in March.

The American Construction Association, a trade group representing contractors, estimates that more than 3.5 million jobs have been lost across the nation.

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